2010 Beach Book Festival Winners List

NEW YORK (June 1, 2010) _ Claire Cook’s novel “Seven Year Switch” has been chosen as the grand prize winner of the 2010 Beach Book Festival, which honors the top reads of the summer season.

Cook’s new novel, issued via the Voice imprint of Hyperion Books, is a breezy examination of the life of Jill Murray, whose life includes managing a ten-year-old daughter and a culturally-enriching job. Until her ex-husband shows up, complicating things in her personal life and the direction things are heading with a new consultancy under bike-riding Billy.

Although every seven years you become a new person, Jilly has to make a choice between the woman she is and the woman she wants to be. Beach readers can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Cook will be honored at a reception June 11 at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan.

Other winners in the competition:

WINNER: The Ice Cream Theory – Steff Deschenes

HONORABLE MENTION: Recess is Over! Dr. Sherry L Meinberg

WINNER: Autism ABC – Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg, illustrated by Rachael Mahaffey

WINNER: FreeK Camp – Steve Burt

WINNER: Seven Year Switch – Claire Cook

  • Manifest Destiny – Rick Robinson
  • Jakob Out of the Village – William Driedger
  • The Burning Gavel – Norman Shabel
  • From Where The Rivers Come – Terin Tashi Miller
  • That Demon Life – Lowell Mick White
  • Social Disease – Lisa Cavalear
  • Inside A Haunted Mind – K. Patrick Malone
  • The Rendering – Leann Marshall
  • The Vengeance Trap – Axel & Linda Hansen
WINNER: Second Grace – Candace Leigh Coulombe

HONORABLE MENTION: Touching The Dead – Carlotta G. Holton

WINNER: God, The Universe and Where I Fit In – Laurie Ann Levin, Psy.D


  • It’s All Thought – Terry L. Neal
  • Who Stole My Soul? - Vishwa Prakash
WINNER: Behind the Badge – Harry D. Penny, Jr.

  • Tea Pie, Love and Reality – Sally Petersen
  • Rosie’s Daughters – Matilda Butler & Kendra Bonnett
WINNER: A Loop of String – Ruth Stotter, illustrations by Kevin Coffey

WINNER: Curio A Shetland Sheepdog Meets The Cat – Jeanette Griver, illustrated by Phyllis L. Milway

WINNER: Road Atlas to Love – Mina A.A.